Required Vehicle Documentation for Motorists with Courtesy Reminder Forms

For all in-person sales, you must bring either your Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Courtesy Reminder OR your State Vehicle Registration ID Card (in-state or out-of-state registrations are acceptable), along with your photo ID and proof of your current address.

Purchasing your Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Online

If you have a new vehicle and did not receive a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Courtesy Reminder, or if your vehicle make, vehicle model, license plate, or VIN is printed incorrectly on your Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Courtesy Reminder and you want to become eligible to buy your Chicago City Vehicle Sticker online, please do the following.

  1. Locate your valid Driver’s License or State ID AND current State Vehicle Registration ID Card. If you are a new Chicago resident or recently acquired a vehicle, please read the section about grace period documentation requirements below to avoid a late fee.
  2. Scan or photograph and send these items to Within 2-3 business days, we will send you a new reference number and enable you to buy online via EZ>BUY.
    Please ensure that all information is legible in order for us to create the record.


New Chicago residents and new vehicle owners

If you are a new resident to Chicago, you must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker. If you obtain a new vehicle you must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker or transfer your vehicle sticker to your new vehicle. You will need to visit an in person location to purchase your new vehicle sticker for your new vehicle, or if you need to transfer your vehicle sticker. Car dealerships do not transfer vehicle stickers.

If you are a new resident to Chicago, or your vehicle is new to you (or both) you must provide, via in your email or in person, one of the following in addition to your required vehicle documentation:


  • Lease document proving date of lease of residential property
  • Mortgage document or deed proving purchase date of residential property


  • Bill of sale from a bona fide vehicle seller / dealership - must include VIN
  • Executed vehicle title document (in lieu of bill of sale from a bona fide vehicle seller / dealership) - must include VIN
  • Customer-copy of a validated Illinois Department of Revenue Official Form: ST-556
  •  Customer-copy of a validated Illinois Secretary of State Official Form: VSD 190

New records – by default – include a $60.00 late fee ($30.00 for senior-discounted City Stickers) as well as possible monthly prorated backcharges.

If you are a new resident to Chicago, or your vehicle is new to you (or both) to avoid this late fee and only pay for the time from your move-in/purchase date through the sticker expiration date, then you must provide additional documentation along with your required vehicle documentation.

NOTE: You are subject to the Wheel Tax on the exact date you move to Chicago and/or acquire a new vehicle, and your City Vehicle Sticker Term Start will be the first of the month in which you moved to Chicago or acquired your vehicle.

The date your document was processed/printed/stamped by the issuing entity (such as the Illinois Secretary of State, Illinois Department of Revenue, etc.) is irrelevant to the City Vehicle Sticker Term Start. Please ensure that your move-in/purchase date are clearly indicated on your validated documentation.

Beginning July 1, 2016, the grace period for late fees will be 30 days, but there will no longer be a grace period for tickets. Hence, a vehicle with an expired City Vehicle Sticker may receive a ticket the 1st day after the City Sticker expires.