Transfers & Replacements



Can I transfer my old vehicle sticker to a new vehicle?

In order to transfer your sticker, you must surrender the old sticker and receipt, and bring in sales documentation to any City Clerk Office location. If your new vehicle is the same type as your old sticker (such as P, LP, or ST), the fee is $20.00, otherwise an upgrade fee may be applied.

What if I bought a new vehicle from someone and a vehicle sticker was already in the window?

Stickers are not transferable between two different parties. You must return the existing vehicle sticker to the person you purchased the vehicle from. You must then purchase a sticker for your new vehicle either online or in person at any sales location.


I put my sticker on the wrong vehicle…

Vehicle stickers are customized for each specific car and include the make, model, and license plate number.

If you accidentally applied a sticker to the wrong car, remove the sticker and bring it back to any City Clerk Office to receive a replacement. Please note there is $30.00 fee for each replacement.

I ordered my sticker online, but I never received it…

City Stickers purchased online should arrive within 14 business days. If been more than 14 days have passed since you ordered your sticker online, please call us at 312-742-9200 to determine if your sticker was returned as undeliverable. If the Office of the City Clerk received your sticker in our returned mail, we will verify your correct address and mail it to you once again. If we determine it has been lost in the mail, you are eligible to receive a replacement.

To receive a replacement, you must complete an affidavit form and bring the affidavit to any City Clerk office.