Pickup Truck & Van Parking

Pickup trucks and vans are not permitted to park on City residential streets without a special Residential Pickup Truck or Van Permit.

The free Residential Pickup Truck or Van Permit can be obtained at your local alderman’s office. Please call your alderman’s office for more information. The permit must be displayed each year by July 16. It is valid for one year and must be renewed in June or July. This permit must be displayed in addition to a valid Chicago City Vehicle Sticker.

Qualifying Vehicles

9-64-170 of the Chicago Municipal Code defines a qualifying vehicle as a pickup truck or van weighing under 8,000 pounds, with no outstanding parking violations, and is displaying a valid and current City Vehicle Sticker.

Where to Obtain Your Permit

Permits are issued by your local alderman’s ward office.

» Search for your ward by address

» Find your alderman’s address and contact information

Fines for Non-Compliance

A $75.00 ticket can be issued to any pickup truck or van on a residential street if a permit is not displayed. This ticket can be issued to visitors of the City of Chicago as well as residents.