Year-Round Sales 2014

Coming in summer 2014 … Year-Round Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Sales!

In 2014 the Office of Chicago City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza is moving out of the horse & buggy era and into the 21st Century.

The seasonal Chicago City Vehicle Sticker rush started in 1908. Next year, we say goodbye to the long lines and more than 100 years of inefficiency.

“The shift to Year-Round Chicago City Vehicle Sales is a historic change. The goal is to improve your customer service experience, and reduce wait times while cutting overtime costs and bringing greater efficiencies to the City Clerk’s Office.”

“When I took office in 2011, I was told we processed more than one million transactions during a six-week window each summer because ‘that’s how we’ve always done it.’ That’s not acceptable and we’re taking bold steps to make the renewal process better for residents.”

— Susana A. Mendoza, City Clerk, City of Chicago

Horse and Buggy

How it works?

In June 2014, everyone will renew their Chicago City Vehicle Sticker as they have in the past — online, in the mail or in-person — but motorists will be given two purchasing options to set their new City Vehicle Sticker renewal schedule.

The new renewal date will be set six months from the expiration date of each motorist’s Illinois State License Plate Registration (see chart). The Office of the Clerk has partnered with the Office of Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White to stagger the renewal schedule to help residents better budget for vehicle costs.

Please note, seniors will not be affected by the change to Year-Round Sales and will remain on a June-to-June renewal schedule.
Horse and Buggy

What are the Year-Round Sales options?

Motorists will be given a choice to purchase either a Prorated Chicago City Vehicle Sticker or an Extended Vehicle Sticker.

For example, if your Illinois State License Plate Registration expires in April, then your new City Vehicle Sticker expiration date is now October.

Click your options below:

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Horse and Buggy


What’s Next?

Follow City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza for all the news about Year-Round Sales 2014.