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Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza supports Puppy Mill Awareness Day

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When Chicago’s animal advocates march on Michigan Avenue on Sunday, they’ll be in good company. City Clerk Susana Mendoza will be leading the charge as grand marshal of the peaceful march on Puppy Mill Awareness Day.

The march, which is sponsored by The Puppy Mill Project, has been scheduled to help shed light on puppy mills and the mother dogs left behind in the mills. It will step off at noon on Sunday, September 30 on Chicago’s premier shopping district at the Chicago River and head to the John Hancock Building before returning to its starting point.

This is not the first time Mendoza has joined forces with the organization. While serving in The Illinois House of Representatives Susana Mendoza, D-Chicago, and Senator Jeffrey Schoenberg, D-Evanston, sponsored House Bill 5772, known at the Pet Store Disclosure Act.

The law requires pet shops in the state to post information on or near the cages of the dogs and cats including: the name and address of each animal's breeder, a record of all veterinary conditions and/or treatments and any known information regarding congenital or hereditary defects of the animals' parents. The law went into effect on January 1, 2011. Mendoza has also continued her support of animal welfare as City Clerk.

"We can’t describe how important it is to have the leaders of Chicago listening and acting on behalf of our canine companions. We applaud City Clerk Mendoza," says Cari Meyers founder and president of The Puppy Mill Project.

Many Chicago-area rescues will be hitting the pavement to support Puppy Mill Awareness day by promoting adoption over the purchase of companion animals. Volunteers from rescues are encouraged to wear t-shirts and sweatshirts supporting their organization. They are also urged to register in advance online prior to the march and to leave their dogs at home for this event.

You may also support the organization by participating in their Miles for Mothers in the Mills in Highland Park’s Fink Park on October 21. Learn about the Puppy Mill project online and follow them on Facebook.