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City Clerk Mendoza Reduces Overtime by Nearly 50 Percent in 2012

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More than $100,000 Taxpayer Dollars Saved Through More Efficient Operations

CHICAGO, IL (February 6, 2013) – In less than two years since taking office, City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza has dramatically reduced her Office’s overtime costs. In 2012, the Office’s overtime budget was reduced by nearly half, or $107,000.

"My job is to protect taxpayer dollars and if I see a smarter, better way of doing business, we will implement it,” said Clerk Mendoza. “I have worked side by side with our staff processing City Vehicle Stickers and learning our operations. This has given me first-hand experience in knowing that we can – and must – do better for Chicagoans. We’ve improved the way we do business, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars saved for Chicago taxpayers. We’ll continue to look for ways to improve efficiencies in 2013."

Last year the Office implemented several changes to the sale of City Vehicle Stickers, contributing to a 35 percent reduction in overtime in the sticker processing divisions. The changes included establishing a central mail processing division where sticker orders were processed as they came into the office versus previously spending weeks manually sorting the mail and then processing the orders. The City Clerk website and online sticker purchasing application also received a complete overhaul, making it easier to buy City Vehicle Stickers online. This contributed to a 23% increase in online sticker orders, which reduced staff overtime in processing in person and mail sticker orders.

Significant overtime savings were also realized in the City Council Division. Thanks to increased automation of the processing of legislation with the Legislative Information Center, the Division’s overtime is down 57%. The Legislative Information Center has helped turn what once was an incredibly tedious, manual process to record the more than 1,000 pieces of legislation that are introduced or passed at Council meeting into a more automated system. Legislation is now immediately available the day of Council meetings and posted on the Legislative Information Center for faster public access and transparency.

"We must harness the power of technology to improve our Office," said Clerk Mendoza. "By using technology like the Legislative Information Center and improving our website, we are making it easier for Chicagoans to access our services, making our office more efficient and saving taxpayer dollars. Improvements we’ve already made along with anticipated changes to City Vehicle Sticker sales this year will help us realize long-term, significant savings for Chicagoans," said Mendoza.

About City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza
Susana Mendoza was elected Chicago City Clerk in 2011 and is the first woman ever elected to the office. City Clerk Mendoza’s office is responsible for maintaining official City government records, including about 1,000 pieces of legislation at each City Council meeting, distributing approximately 1.3 million vehicle stickers and residential parking permits, issuing City business licenses and licensing all dogs in the City of Chicago. City Clerk Mendoza is committed to improving the City Clerk’s office by making it the most technologically savvy, user-friendly and efficient City Clerk’s office in the country. For more information about the Office, visit www.facebook.com/chicityclerk,  www.twitter.com/chicityclerk and   www.youtube.com/chicityclerk.