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City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza is Protecting Pets & Consumers




Chicago City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza and a growing coalition of Chicago aldermen are supporting the Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance which limits the retail sale of dogs and cats from pet shops in the City of Chicago to those sourced from shelters and other humane adoption centers.The proposal – which was introduced to City Council on Feb. 5 – promotes the welfare of animals, protects consumers and will save City tax dollars by increasing animal adoptions and decreasing costs associated with euthanizations.

“We pay dearly for failing to curb the sale of puppy mill animals. This legislation is going to save the lives of dogs and spare pet owners the heartache and cost of bringing a sick animal into their home. Also, I’m happy to say that this addresses a big challenge the City faces in terms of finding resources to care for strays and abandoned animals.”

Susana A. Mendoza, Chicago City Clerk


Sign our petition in support of the Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance

You can back our ongoing efforts in support of animal welfare in the Chicago City Council by signing a petition in support of the We want to share your signatures with the Chicago City Council prior to a February 26, 2014 hearing on this landmark legislation.


More than 45 cities have already passed legislation to protect pets & consumers

Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, Texas, Toronto, Ontario and dozens of other communities have already enacted new laws and it’s time for Chicago to join them, said Cari Meyers of the Puppy Mill Project – Chicago.

“This legislation is essential for the City of Chicago to protect our consumers who, for years, have not been told the truth about the origin or quality of the puppies sold in pet stores. I have to believe that if consumers really knew the conditions that these puppies are coming from, they would not support such systemic, large-scale cruelty. Beyond that, why are we bringing thousands of new puppies into this city each year when tens of thousands of dogs and cats are in our shelters and rescues at the city’s expense? This would be a win-win for the City of Chicago, our consumers, and the dogs suffering in puppy mills.”

Cari Meyers, The Puppy Mill Project – Chicago


Puppy mills have a track record of mistreating animals

Many consumers unwittingly support the puppy mill industry. An estimated 99 percent of dogs sold in retail stores are from puppy mills where industrial scale breeding takes place to maximize profit.

As man’s best friend, dogs have served as companion animals for ages. They serve the public by helping our first responders. There’s no acceptable level of neglect of these animals. Please support this important legislation to show Chicago is a forward-thinking and compassionate City when it comes to our pets.

For more information, please download and read our Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance Fact Sheet.

Find our February 5, 2014 press release in the link below.

To learn more about how you can help support the Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance, contact the Office of the City Clerk at 312-744-2507.

Sign the Petition on Change.org



February 18, 2014 UPDATE:

Our Coalition to Protect Pets & Consumers

An amazing coalition of organizations, businesses and individuals are supporting our landmark ordinance to protect pets and consumers in the City of Chicago. Please join us by signing our Change.org petition. We have collected over 10,000 signatures to send a strong message that Chicago supports humane animal laws.

There is a critical hearing on Wednesday, Feb. 26 to determine the future of this proposed law. Help us show the Chicago City Council why our City should join more than 45 others across North America and ban the sale of puppy mill pets.

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March 05, 2014 UPDATE

From the Office of Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza: Thank you! Because of your passionate support for animal advocacy, today we passed a piece of landmark legislation in the City of Chicago.

Earlier today, the Chicago City Council voted 49-1 to approve the Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance. It requires retail pet stores to source dogs, cats and rabbits only from shelters and other humane not-for-profit organizations.

The legislation cuts off a pipeline animals from the horrendous puppy mill industry and instead moves the City to a retail pet sales model that focuses on adopting out the many, many homeless animals in need of homes in this City.

It is our hope that the overwhelming vote today will create a flood of support for similar legislation throughout the rest of the country. Again, thank you for helping make history in the City of Chicago. This truly is a change for the better and it would not have happened with you.