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It’s About Fairness: Increase in City Sticker Enforcement by Clerk’s Office Generates Nearly Half Million Dollars in Less than 2 Months

City Vehicle Sticker Enforcement

City Clerk Susana Mendoza’s commitment to ensuring that all pay their fair share for safe, drivable roads has paid off through targeting City Vehicle Sticker scofflaws. The Office’s enforcement division increased citations by 58 percent in the 6 weeks immediately following the annual city vehicle sticker deadline. The increase translates to as much as $470,000 in additional revenue for road repair, maintenance, and improvement. The analysis compared citations from the City Clerk’s enforcement division from July 16 through August 24, 2012 compared to the same six week period in 2011.

"Our work is about fairness, not about tickets," said Jose Flores, Director of Enforcement for the City Clerk’s Office. "Imagine going to a restaurant and expecting the table next to you to pick up their tab and your tab just so you could enjoy a nice meal. That’s the same way you are impacted when people don't buy their City Vehicle Stickers. The revenue from stickers helps maintain and repair Chicago’s 4,000 miles of streets. When someone doesn’t pay, we all suffer with unsafe streets," continued Flores.

"We are facing some of the hardest economic times – not only for our residents, but also for the City,” said Clerk Mendoza. “Going after the scofflaws – the ones who purposely avoid paying their fair share of the wheel tax – is a matter of equity. It’s simply not right to let some have a free ride while the rest of us pay for them to use our roads."

The City Clerk’s Office has a staff of six investigators supplemented by up to five contract enforcement personnel. From July 16 through August 24 a total of 5,696 violation notices were written. During the same period in 2011, the same number of enforcement staff wrote 3,602 violation notices. While the vast majority of these notices were for no vehicle sticker display, citations were also written for no residential zone number, counterfeit stickers, expired plates and various parking violations such as street cleaning and parking in front of a fire hydrant.

City Vehicle Sticker citations are a minimum of $200, with penalties up to $500 for large trucks.