Chicago City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza pushes vehicle sticker transaction fee reductions

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Transactional fees charged for services provided by the Office of the City Clerk could be drastically reduced under a proposal to be considered by a City Council committee tomorrow.

Currently, the Clerk’s Office charges $30.00 to replace a sticker that is lost, stolen or damaged. The fee to transfer a vehicle sticker from one vehicle to another is $20.00. Moving from one residential parking zone to another costs motorists $10.00.

All three fees would be dropped to $5.00 under the pending legislation, which would cover the administrative cost of managing the transactions.

City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza said the reduced fee schedule meets a long-term goal for her administration.

“I am thoroughly against taxpayers being nickeled and dimed. It’s not right when a victim of vandalism, for example, is required to pay a $30.00 fee to replace a vehicle sticker,” she said.

"Thanks to the anti-fraud measures added to the city vehicle sticker as part of our successful transition to the Year Round Sales Program, we've been able to detect and prevent theft and illegal duplication of vehicle stickers. The new stickers are unique to each vehicle. Rather than collect onerous fees from taxpayers in compliance, they deserve a break. Our efforts are better focused on targeting scofflaws.” 

Clerk Mendoza said this is a clear example of how Chicagoans can benefit from responsive government policy.

“The price points for these three fees were the legacy of a different time with no connection to the present. What we see here is an example of how cost savings from new efficiencies and increased revenue dollars can be returned to taxpayers,” she said.

The cost of the fee reductions will be covered by revenue generated as a result of the successful transition to Year Round Sales Program and other program changes and improvements within the Chicago City Clerk’s Office.

The Office of the City Clerk completes between 40,000 and 50,000 vehicle sticker transfers annually, but the number fluctuates year to year based on new and used car purchases. About 1,700 motorists replaced their vehicle sticker in 2015.

The Office of the City Clerk sells more than 1.2 million vehicle stickers annually.

With approval from the Committee on Licensing & Consumer Protection on Thursday, the legislation is expected to be approved by the City Council during its meeting next week and motorists can expect to see the fee reductions take place in mid-October.


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