About the Office of the City Clerk


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To reach the Office of the City Clerk, please email us at ezbuy@cityofchicago.org


About the Office of the City Clerk


In Chicago, the City Clerk is one of only three city-wide elected positions, along with the Mayor and Treasurer.

A city clerk is a public official whose principal duties include keeping records or accounts for the municipality and other duties prescribed by law. The position is central to government transparency because the clerk is responsible for keeping and making official records and legislation accessible to city residents. Clerks also play an important role in the system of checks and balances by offering perspectives, policies, and opinions that are independent from other municipal offices. In some places, these public officials may be known as the "village clerk" or "town clerk." Whatever the name, these are among the oldest public servant positions in American government history.

The Chicago Office of the City Clerk is the most visited office in Chicago government. We provide the following services and functions:

  • Collecting, docketing, and securely storing the City’s official records, namely City Council legislation
  • Providing public access to legislation, laws, records, and reports
  • Selling City Vehicle Stickers for approximately 1.3 million vehicles. Funds from the City's "Wheel Tax" help maintain Chicago's 4,000 miles of streets.
  • Selling Residential Zone Parking Permits
  • Issuing automatic amusement device license
  • Administering KIDS ID and Medical ID programs
  • Administering the City’s Dog Registration program


About City Clerk Susana A. MendozaSusana A. Mendoza

Susana A. Mendoza was sworn in as City Clerk of Chicago on May 16, 2011. She is the first woman ever elected to the Office, one of only three city-wide elected positions.

Clerk Mendoza is committed to improving the Office by making it the most technologically savvy, user-friendly, and efficient City Clerk’s Office in the country. Her Office transitioned 1.3 million motorists from an inefficient seasonal Chicago City Vehicle Sticker sales program to a modern Year-Round Sales program.

Since being elected Clerk, she has overhauled the Office, cut overtime, and increased Wheel Tax compliance, generating new, sustainable revenue for the City of Chicago. In March 2014, she championed a landmark ordinance to require that City pet stores sell only rescue animals from humane shelters. The Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance received 49 votes in the City Council, and Chicago is now one of just a select number of major U.S. cities to have enacted a ban on the sale of animals from large-scale mills, including dogs, cats, and rabbits.

Prior to serving as City Clerk, Mendoza was elected as the youngest member of the 92nd General Assembly where she proudly served six terms as a Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives from 2001 to 2011. As a State Representative, she was publicly recognized for her leadership and legislation on social services, education, law enforcement, animal welfare, and job creation. She served as Co-Chairperson of the Conference of Women Legislators and twice served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Mendoza has been named one of Crain’s Chicago “40 Under 40” and one of its “Women to Watch.” She lives on the northwest side of Chicago with her husband David and their son David Quinten.