Culinary Kids

Culinary Kids Healthy Nutrition Guide

Culinary Kids

Dear Friends:

We understand the importance of a well-rounded meal in our daily lives. More importantly, we have acknowledged the need to provide our children with the nourishment they require to excel both physically and mentally. That is why we have collaborated to create the Culinary Kids Initiative.

Culinary Kids Initiative educates grade school children, from grades 3 through 8, on the importance of a healthy diet. Although, it sometimes appears easier to pick up fast food, we will demonstrate how healthy alternatives are both easy and affordable. In addition, we will provide healthy substitutes to the junk food choices.

Culinary Kids will be educational and fun. Our participating kids will experience the excitement of planting their own garden. Chefs from some of our culinary schools, restaurants and organizations will demonstrate, using food from the kids’ gardens, how to create healthy and enjoyable meals. We may even inspire a future chef!

Culinary Kids will demonstrate how easy, affordable and satisfying it is to follow a healthy diet. It’s a known fact that a proper diet fuels our children for a successful educational experience. Eating healthy today, contributes to being healthy tomorrow.

Let’s get started!